05-30-2020, 09:35 AM
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I am interested in trading for either:

(1) Noveria, Blood Pact, Royal, FAE or Goldmember Declaration Grooming brushes in Jeffos & B4 or B8 only

(2) Declaration Grooming Franklin handles (B1, B2 or other one offs)

I've got the following trade items (+/- $ as needed):

(1) DG Theo Vastness B4
(2) DG Jeffo FAE B9B
(3) DG Jeffo Royal B9A
(4) DG Jeffo Unicorn Ivory B9A

All trade items come with original packaging.

CONUS or Canada preferred.

Thank you for looking.[Image: afef6964c2e11de45722e4374a892c4d.jpg][Image: 036a12db7b71caa1eeccdd3ad8d39dee.jpg][Image: bf5cc3f00d7528abd4af6d34218b98b6.jpg][Image: 5ee42e4cf8db11580566160e356d1ac4.jpg]

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