06-01-2020, 02:59 PM
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
This morning, as I was in the process of a 2-pass, nearly flawless, BBS shave with my adjustable Parker Variant...I thought to myself...
This razor is incredible.  I’ve never NOT had a great shave with it...and I can use most any blade“.  I must be a Variant “Fan Boy!”

Since I wasn’t blessed with a manly-man, wiry beard, I typically start at the 3 to 3+ setting.  Most often I will dial back to 2 for the remaining passes.  Today, I just continued with the 3 setting and completed in 2 innings.  The only thing I would change (assuming it wouldn’t ruin the quality of the shave) would be the auditory feedback.  The blade will make noise, but it’s not as noticeable as my Blackbird.  

I’m going to suggest that this razor, made in India by Parker, punches well above it’s weight.  I like the weight, BTW...and the balance and the grip.  If Parker listed this Variant for $200+, used more exotic metals, and had a perpetual waiting list it would get more air time on these forums.  Hell, I don’t even need to spend hours trying 2 blades, 3 blades, shims, hand stropping, acid dipping, corking, or goat yoga!  I just stick a blade in, and go to town!  Maybe I should put a new dial cap on and call it a Co-Viant?  

Just sayin’
(Primo, this is entirely my opinion. Don’t get your N95 in a bundle.)

[Image: spGJl2O.jpg]

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 06-01-2020, 04:12 PM
  • Harvey
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well said....one of the best out there and extremely well made and hard to beat at any price

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 06-01-2020, 07:04 PM
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Use what works best for you.  If you have found what works, more power to you.

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 06-02-2020, 04:10 PM
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Well said.  It is an excellent razor.  


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 06-04-2020, 08:28 PM
  • Nero
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I agree Pete, it's a great razor. I've started using it again lately here and there. I even had a backup at some point but I don't know where it went.
Very efficient even on 3, like you use. (And it goes up to 5.5 and beyond if you want... but I don't see the need for that.)
Lots of blade feel, but not harsh. Nice combo.

2 passes on 3 is really a tight shave.
Very easy, very smooth result.

good lather has no suds

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