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How many can spot the important bit in the following proclamation from the Norwegian Parliament on the first read through?
Quote:Since all the members of the cabinet have resigned their positions; since His Majesty the King has declared his inability to obtain for the country a new government; and since the constitutional monarchy has ceased to exist, the Storting hereby authorizes the cabinet that resigned today to exercise the powers held by the King in accordance with the Constitution of Norway and relevant laws – with the amendments necessitated by the dissolution of the union with Sweden under one King, resulting from the fact that the King no longer functions as a Norwegian King.
According to anecdotes the Swedes couldn't either... and they were not happy when they worked it out.

Still, stuff worked out without a war Smile

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After 6 reads, I'm stumped.

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 06-08-2020, 08:05 PM
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(06-08-2020, 06:32 PM)2Chops Wrote: After 6 reads, I'm stumped.

It's tucked away as an aside to the main clause:
Quote:...with the amendments necessitated by the dissolution of the union with Sweden...

So what the Storting declared on the 7th June 1905 was:
- The Norwegian goverment had resigned (due to the fact that the King vetoed a law passed by the Storting)
- King Oscar was unable to come up with a new government which was acceptable to the Storting (parliamentism meant - and still means - that the government must have the support of the parliament)
- Therefore King Oscar had failed to fulfil his constitutional duties - the Norwegian Constitution charges the monarch with appointing the government
- By not fulfilling his duties, King Oscar was no longer functioning as the Norwegian monarch
- By not functioning as the Norwegian monarch in accordance with the Norwegian constitution, the terms agreed to in the Convention of Moss (two kingdoms sharing one king) was no longer adhered to, and thus:
- The union with Sweden was de facto dissolved
- Oh; and since Norway lacks a monarch, the members of the government that had resigned was charged to act as a caretaker government until further notice.

So in effect; a reasonable polite unilateral declaration of independence / revolution, nicely tucked away several layers deep in legalese Smile

Once the Swedes unfolded it, their initial reaction was to threaten the use of military force (which could have gone either way, but wouldn't been good for either nation) but luckily cooler heads prevailed. The Swedes demanded a plebiscite, but the Norwegians was expecing that and declared one before the Swedes made the formal demand... so instead of asking the population to say yes or no to the union, the population was asked to agree or disagree with the action already taken by the parliament (99.95% in favour by the way, which means that a whooping 184 Norwegian voters disagreed with the decision to dissolve the union).

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