06-09-2020, 04:28 AM
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I received this soap before its launch in order to give my opinion on it.

Semi-hard soap, in a 75g yellow plastic packaging. I think the packaging is like that to reduce costs, which is well thought out. I was informed by the brand when I received the soap that it did not have activated carbon in its formulation, it is to be a cheaper soap and so I think it is more available to everyone.

[Image: 2nw3PA2.jpg]   [Image: CfTsZBh.jpg]

Speaking of the packaging, it has a lid that opens and closes easily, but always with user interaction, they fit and close very well. They are very practical packaging and are already well known in the wetshaver world since they are used in some Dutch soaps. Although small you can load the soap very simply.

The packaging opens, the soap has the mark engraved in low relief. There is a good scent, something cosmetic but without getting sick or being too intrusive.

[Image: 32ze2QF.jpg]   [Image: oAvZuvl.jpg]


It doesn't take much time to load the brush, it forms a good foam, and fast. Enough slip and protection, it never gave me a bad shave. The aroma is maintained throughout the shaving. I also shaved my hair with this soap and everything went back to normal. As there is no activated charcoal, it should be noted that in the end I don't have the same feeling of cleansing the skin as I did when using the other brand soap, but what I found in the other soap was something I never found in any other.

[Image: hitEJvQ.jpg]   [Image: j99nV09.jpg]   [Image: xNFTWWL.jpg]   [Image: Gec8OuW.jpg]   [Image: nEvqzXN.jpg]   [Image: 4vUzm0m.jpg]

In these recent times I used the soap several times, with several brushes and in many different ways, and it was always very pleasant to use.

I recommend the soap for both beginners and more experienced users.

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 06-11-2020, 04:09 PM
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Thanks for the review and the nice pictures.  The lather looks pretty good.

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