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In between filling custom orders, we've been experimenting with some slightly different approaches to classic brush designs.  The brushes shown here are intended mainly to "test the waters."  So, your comments--pro or con--are welcome.

The Rosebud and Barrister patterns are already familiar, but hand-turned in slightly different resins, as described below. 

The last brush, the "1000," bears some explanation.  It is our take on a classic Ever-Ready of the same name that I snagged from eBay about a year ago.  The 1000's an interesting design that, for me at least, fell into the "almost but not quite" category.  Still, it's an intriguing design.  So, I turned a few trial handles with scrap resin until everything fell into place.  With this final brush, turned in "good" resin, I maintained the same overall length as the original, but shortened the "ferrule" portion by 3mm while opening the finger groove by the same amount and altering its curvature so the middle finger fits more naturally.  The end result is a brush I find tough to put down.  Again, I'm interested in your thoughts.  These brushes are, of course, available in The ReadyMade Collection.

Rosebud, 28mm Estate Badger, Bone & Ebony Resins
[Image: DRKyfHH.jpg]

Barrister, 28mm Estate Badger, Bone and English Lavender Resins
[Image: xAdnkkE.jpg]

"1000" 26mm Estate Badger, Bone Resin
[Image: gmVZa4v.jpg]

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