06-13-2020, 07:16 PM
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I have never used SV soaps before and would like some help choosing one from felce aromatica, 70th anniversary or tundra artica. I have sensitive skin and don't like spicy, musk or coffee like scents. Floral or cologne like scents are ok. I am also confused by their Beta designations. Are these just indicators of version? or is there more to them?

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 06-13-2020, 07:23 PM
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4.3 is the latest iteration and said to be best in performance. I have 2 of them or rather 3, not sure on Flying Mango which they did for Bullgoose.

Cubebe is little creamy n Citrusy scent. I find it good for summers.
Opuntia is an Aventus scented soap.All year round.
Felce aeomatica may be a green Fougere, going to be my next purchase as well. Have heard good things about it.

They have more recently come up with a desert Vetiver which also sounds like a good option.

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 06-13-2020, 07:49 PM
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I have both 70th (a cologne type scent that is great) and felce aromatica. Both scents are top notch, and I prefer the 4.3 version. They are hard pucks that last a long time.

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 06-14-2020, 05:27 AM
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I am a sandalwood fan and so tundra is one of my favorite cents ever. It is not strong and so I don't think it's going to give you any problems . I think they gave this one a little tweak by adding lichen and a slight cranberry note. I think they add so well to the woody focus.

Felce might be the one to head toward if you are interested more in a fern type scent.

And I enjoyed my tub of 70th anniversary so much, as well. I think it's more of a cologne type. IIRC

Based on what you said you're looking for I think they are all excellent choices and you really can't go wrong.

If you want to see them in action, I believe I should have videos posted for all three. I believe I have a Saponificio Varesino playlist , or you could search for them individually on my channel . sgrdddy_shaves is my username on YouTube.

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 06-14-2020, 05:57 AM
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Here is another SV option you may like.  Beta 4.3 formula and a superb scent.

[Image: LuczFUs.jpg]

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 06-14-2020, 06:37 AM
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Great soap base and I would recommend to the 4.3 version.
Unfortunately I don't like any of their scents. 
Last one I tried was opuntia because people were saying it was similar scent to aventus... Well not at all to my nose!

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