07-06-2020, 07:24 AM
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I'm cleaning out a drawer of software that isn’t getting any use and selling it all together for much less than I paid. I've spent close to $80 on all of these items, selling for $25 shipped. You will receive all of the following:

Ace High Grooming Unscented Pomade, 95%+ remaining
Martin de Candre Vetiver soap sample tub, scooped once
La Shaving Soap Company Vert Noir soap sample tub, scooped once
Bvlgari Yasep EdP. 5ML decant, sprayed 3x.
Deep vintage Marbert Gentleman, made in West Germany. 5ML mini glass bottle, level as shown. This is more animalic than my vintage bottle of Kouros.
Jeffrey Damme JD Juste Filthy EdP. 2ML sample vial, level at top of label.
AbdesSalaam Attar (Profumo.it) Tcharas Afghan - Ciaras 1ml sample, new
Nishane Zenne, 1ml sample, 1/2 full
YSL Y EdP 2ml sample, 1/2 full


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