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These days I am using KEPKINH Pure Vetiver, by βeecosmetics on Etsy.
I am a lover of Vetiver, and this Greek product is magnificent.
[Image: 9bCdWa2m.jpg][Image: OYy0J1ym.jpg]
[Image: jfm2j8b.jpg]

The mechanical qualities are remarkable, thanks to the excellent very rich base.
Kερκινη V3 base produces a compact and shiny lather.
It really looks like fresh Greek yoghurt, and it's also quite fast.
Although it requires a little more water and processing time than simpler products.

Given the fragrance so rich and natural, I compared it to my favorite.
Le Pere Lucien Vetiver Bourbon (Special Edition Bomarzo64) is more refined, and less deep.
But the Greek does not disfigure in the least, given that it lacks those muddy notes that often accompany pure vetiver.
Also and especially in the comparison on the mechanics the KEPKINH stands out clearly.
LPL is faster, but the less full-bodied and covering foam is less comfortable to apply.
The classic advertising photo result is best achieved with Greek.
French is most (oddly) effective in lubrication.

Neither is a champion in skin conditioning.
Also in this, slight advantage of the Greek given the richness of the composition.
Already knowing the previous models I immediately used an aftershave lotion.
The accessory is not rich in functional, but it was more than enough to maintain the right comfort.
In addition to taking advantage of the pleasure of perfume.

In the end I would say a narrow balance, where the former wins in mechanics and the latter in fragrance.
However two excellent products.

As the KEPKINH easily supported the confrontation with the French prince, another fight tomorrow.
But he will deal with the King of France, who has one of the most luxurious versions on the market of Vetiver.
See you soon ...

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 07-11-2020, 12:16 PM
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Still busy with the KEPKINH Pure Vetiver.
[Image: mL59wAr.jpg]
[Image: d73OjYU.jpg]
[Image: 8aZibEC.jpg]

Sincerely it hit me nicely.
I didn't expect to have to make several attempts to confirm the Martin de Candre.

The results are close, regarding the quality of the lather.
Magnificent in both cases, with strong mechanical qualities.
So I looked for the differences in more subtle details.
Consequently, even more subjective.

I think fragrance is the factor that most differentiates these two soaps.
French is sunny, fresh, herbaceous and therefore easier.
Greek is more faithful to the original, with deeper tones.
But without those muddy and dark notes of many.
For me, it's the better of the two.

Another detail is the yield.
Incredibly, Greek isn't blown away on the first fight.
It certainly does not come close to the fantastic feature of the French.
But it is certainly not a little resistant product.
Also thanks to the wax in the formulation.

Finally, ease.
Here the differences are all seen.
Where French is practically instantaneous, Greek requires much more effort.
Both in the amount of water (the higher the water point, but not thirsty!).
Especially in mechanical work, greatly facilitated by a good synthetic.

So in conclusion, in the general economy the King is firmly in command.
But in the days the Kερκινη V3 has proved to be quite good also from the point of view of the conditioning of the skin.
In a slow and not particularly effective way, in fact I always had to add an aftershave accessory to control dermatitis.
But in any case I perceived an improvement, such as to consider this detail ... which I gave for almost nothing.

Personally if I had to choose only one of the two, I would take the KEPKINH.
In fact, the MdC on my skin has truly zero conditioning effectiveness.
And I find the scent excellent, but less natural.

Kicker. Suspenseful music. Long shot. Fade.  Biggrin  Biggrin  Biggrin

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 07-11-2020, 02:00 PM
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Nice reviews, ischiapp!!

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 07-22-2020, 01:01 AM
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These days I have tried Sandalwood, ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ (Aphrodite), and Frosty Lemon.
[Image: 0oAUzcE.jpg]
[Image: 5vlaULZ.jpg]
[Image: NAbDRnu.jpg]

What struck me most is the last one, especially for the consistency.
Definitely more compact than the other two, and in general more resistant than the others.
Frankly it doesn't even look like the same base Kερκινη V3.
On the other hand it has all the advantages of this formulation.
Maybe just slower, but more full-bodied.

Pleasant added value, the fragrance is very fresh and natural.
Lemon essential oil and menthol are very bold.
For me it is the scent of summer.

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 07-24-2020, 09:25 AM
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I don't like very rich citric fragrances.
The smell is often aggressive, especially if they contain many types of citrus fruit.
On the contrary, in purity they often remind me of dishwashing detergents.

One product that I have always appreciated is the late Alvarez Gomez. (Alvarez Gómez Barbería)
Son of a long perfumery experience, he didn't boast great technical skills.
But he was honest and fast and he did his job very well.
Even better in association with the aftershave balm.
It was perfect with its EDC Splash perfume.

In fact, I am looking for a replacement, since the product is in the end.
And I wanted to compare the KEPKINH Frosty Lemon.
[Image: PzUqK6A.jpg]

If Greek belongs to another category in mechanics, it has a more linear and less complex fragrance, albeit natural and enveloping.
On the other hand, the Spanish is exactly the opposite, and the origin of the perfume house favors it a lot.
So how did it go in the end? In my opinion, definitely good.

Although I have not found a worthy replacement.
But the discovery of a valid product, albeit different.
In any case, a good solution will be needed in the future.

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 07-25-2020, 07:05 AM
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Today I wanted to have fun.
An all-round battle.
Designed to easily win the Greek champion.
Or so I thought ...

The only stable components, the hardware.
[Image: Qg9py4X.jpg]

The oil is more effective than the cream.
And the preshave is the basis of shaving.

Aftershave treatment is similar.
But still the quality of Skin Food is much better.
As well as KEPKINH compared to my Proraso mix. (Frankensoap I call Mojito)
Not to mention the fragrance, which in all the components associated with Greek is clearly superior.
As the Spanish perfume.

But in the end all this difference is not felt.
It's been almost ten hours since I shaved.
On one side I used one group, on the other I used the other.
But in practice just the clearest and most natural note of Spanish lemon confirms what has been used and where.
To the touch and sight, the sensation is homogeneous.
So the difference is there ... but you can't see it.
As they say: Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched !!

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