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YMMV is a term that is widely used in this forum. It’s true for the vast majority of the products we use. The term comes into play much more when it comes to the discussion of blades. There are many variables that affect the user experience; for example we all have different skin types, we all hold the razor differently, my 30 degree angle will vary from your perception of a 30 degree angle. My light touch will not be the same as your light touch and so on. Then we have to think about product defects and variations in the metals that were used on the day the blades where manufactured. Nothing is perfect nor exact. Maybe the device used to grind the edge was at the end of its life and that will most certainly give you a variation on the edge from when it was new.
I find it intriguing how one blade will be amazing on one razor. But will totally suck on another. Just yesterday I experienced this when I loaded up my Futur with a Gillette Blue. It was a bad shave, too many passes, my face was irritated and by the middle of the day. I noticed patches of hair under my chin. This morning I decided not to toss the blade but to put it on my 89l, It was like night and day. It shaved wonderfully and in 2 passes I had a perfect shave.
If you are having problems with a blade try changing the razor, It may surprise you.
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 03-15-2012, 05:28 PM
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I agree. Sometimes I think the acronym YMMV was invented specifically for blades. Tongue

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DE X + Razor Y + Your Face = Great Shave (YMMV)

Solve for X and Y.

This is all about finding the best variables. Your face isn't going to change, so it's all about finding the right blade/razor combination.

This past year, I've learned that Derby blade, which was fair to middling for me, worked fantastically in the Merkur 34 HD. A few months ago, I read a post on B&B about a guy who raved about the Gillette 7 o'clock Sharp Edge (yellow) in the humble SuperSpped. I've never had much luck with the superspeed, finding it to mild for my beard. What do you know, the Superspeed with the Gillette yellow was perfect.

Most recently I've been playing with some Rapira Super Stainless that I received in a blade trade and again have found that in the Merkur 34 HD it shaves much better than in the Gillette Red Tip (fair) and the Gillette slim (pretty good).

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YMMV, very very true. The chemistry between blades and razors is an enigma!

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