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I was using a rotation of 5 soaps over the past 12 months. That rotation was down to 3 last month and I was ready for some new products. So, I bought the following 3 soaps

-- Wholly Kaw Fern Concerto Menthol
-- Wickham Soap Company English Rose
-- Noble Otter Orbit

I also had an unused Wholly Kaw Monaco Royale that makes the 4th in my rotation. So I am writing my opinion here about these 4 soaps.

1) Wholly Kaw Monaco Royale: This soap was in my last rotation and I liked it so much, that I bought another one. I have noticed though that it looses its scent strength and quality over time. The current puck had been sitting unopened for about 15 months. I still get great shaves from it, but it is not as good as when purchased new. I has lost some of the scent and post shave feel. I will continue to buy Wholly Kaw soaps, but will buy for immediate use only. I really hope that Wholly Kaw continues to make Monaco Royale, because I simply love the combination of this scent and the shave experience. I also noticed that their latest soaps are a lot more expensive and hope the price of the Monaco Royale and their donkey milk soaps does not change much. 

2) Wickham Soap Company English Rose: This was my first Wickham Soap Company purchase. This soap is soooo easy to load and just explodes into a wonderful lather very easily. It takes water very easily and produces a wonderful lather with stiff peaks. The scent is definitely rose, but not a pure rose like from the flower, but rather a complex scent. I am not really great at describing scents, but initially, I was surprised by it, as I was expecting a very clean and pure scent, like that from the flower, but it has grown on me. I would say it is not a strong scent, but a nice pleasant scent when lathered up. And it is a lovely lather. Really good quality soap and it will be a strong candidate in my next purchase. I like this scent, but there are other scents that I would like to try. 

3) Wholly Kaw Fern Concerto Menthol: There is not much of a scent from the tub, but when lathered, it has a pleasant scent. I don't know how to describe it, but it not as complex and enjoyable to my nose as the Monaco Royale. That being said, the lather is also wonderful like the Monaco Royale and I really like the cooling sensation. It is not overpowering and is very enjoyable. It lingers after the shave and feels really nice. I wait for the cooling sensation to fade before apply an aftershave balm. But really, I could get away without the balm. Its the familiar Wholly Kaw shaving experience, including post shave feel, plus the cooling sensation. Would be happy to buy this again. Although if Wholly Kaw made a Monaco Royale menthol, I would be in shaver heaven. 

4) Noble Otter Orbit: This was my first Noble Otter purchase. There is a definite scent from the puck that is not unpleasant, but isn't particularly enjoyable either. It is not clean floral or perfumey. I just don't know how to describe it, except as a "meh" scent. This is another soap that is easy to load and also lathers very easily. In terms of ease of lathering, it is easier to lather than the Wholly Kaw soaps, put not as easy as the Wickham. Can take a good amount of water and produces a wonderful lather. The cooling sensation is spot on and very pleasant. It does not linger as long as the Wholly Kaw after the shave, but like the Wholly Kaw, a balm would not be needed after the shave. Just a wonderful soap I would be happy to buy again. 

I do not bloom any of these soaps. They load very easily with my Semogue SOC 2 band badger brush. So, which is my favourite you ask? As I mentioned, this is my first purchase of Noble Otter and Wickham soaps. I have used Wholly Kaw soaps in the past and have gotten consistently great shaves from them, from new puck to empty container. Simply because of the track record of wonderful shaves, Wholly Kaw would be my favourite by a whisker. All of these are great soaps. Although there are soaps from other soap makers that I would like to try, it is going to be hard to look away from these 3 soap makers. It may ultimately come down to money. Unfortunately, if Wholly Kaw products keeps getting more expensive, I will have to stop buying them. Fortunately, there are so many other great options.

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 08-09-2020, 06:36 PM
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Love me some wholly kaw soaps. Agreed that it’s sad they haven’t brought many of the old scents to the new base

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 08-16-2020, 01:17 PM
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You can add menthol crystals to any soap.

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