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Haircut & Shave is laser focused on meeting customer demand for new product and to this end has been committed to releasing Dual Comb versions of their P076 line in 17-4 stainless and titanium.  Such has been the overwhelming demand for razors that Aji has been busy sending out releases of SB and OC versions literally nonstop as fast as one can produce hand made razors representing the peak of perfection requiring a day just to polish by hand....  It was with a little surprise that Aji reached out to announce he had finished the P076 Ti DC for the passaround we had long awaited.  Hitherto, in order to maintain flow amongst passaround participants, the paired P076 Ti SB and OC razors had migrated from East to West Coast.  This second razor possessing both combs, allows us to split the passaround between the coasts cutting the time to complete the passaround by half and also making shipping/insurance less expensive for participants - an added bonus being some (self included) prefer DC razors for mixing OC first passes with SB subsequent cleaning passes.  

For those thinking they may be missing something by virtue of residing on the "wrong" coast for trialing the razor of their choice, can assure that there is absolutely nothing missing regarding quality between the two passarounds nor is there any delta in the shaving experience.  The two passarounds are about as equally matched regarding quality and shave experience as dueling pistols and would trust my life to either package in assessing H&S P076 Ti as a potential purchaser.  Even our soap sponsor, ETHOS remains the same with sole difference of the East Coast package containing Succes Pineapple Noir and Clean Unscented soap versus Succes Pineapple Noir and the latest Agrumes Melange in the West Coast package.  

Having been without a H&S in possession since sending off the P076 Ti SB and OC 2 months ago, and "stuck" with my personal array of duFour Wolfman and BBS1 razors, it was surprising opun opening the package just how well made are H&S razors.  Sure, we discuss endlessly the incredible quality and craftsmanship of Aji's razors but when reencountering them, one is yet shocked at their damned perfection.  All joking regarding being "stuck" with Wolfman razors aside, H&S is the only current production razor brand encountered that can stand toe to toe on an equal footing with Wolfman - period and very abrupt, very hard stop.  But having experienced it in the past and repeatedly discussing it nonetheless pales next to viewing and handling the H&S razors.  Despite having handled more H&S products than likely anybody excepting Aji, I am taken aback each time as to their amazing world class standards of fit and finish.  Moreover, the design is unique adding to the legend being created - not only does one immediately know by the quality just how special these razors are but they stand apart by look too, akin to warriors of ancient history or fighter pilot aces of old that would mark their kit conspicuously so potential combatants would know exactly who they were up against.  It takes courage and pride to so differentiate oneself in a world where getting along quietly is the strategy advocated by the powers that be and the safety of the herd entrenched in every facet of civilized life.

Using the razor is again a revelation that a major manufacturer has been established neck and neck at the top of the pecking order.  Irrespective of how fondly I had remembered the shave experience, the H&S P076 Ti DC shocked me back into reality repeatedly muttering to self that: "Damn, this is an incredible razor as good as my favourite duFour razors costing in some cases multiples more.".  Personally much prefer a DC razor and every personal DE razor where it could be so speced is a DC in Mirror polish but this is just frankly the best of the lot.  The shave is as close as a 0,74+ WR1 Wolfman BUT the feel is somewhere around a 0,61 WR1: truly amazing that almost everybody can now experience a truly effortless BBS shave without the accompanying irritation that those of us with sensative damaged skin must otherwise endure.  Even were I working a Senior Executive level position in the Fortune 50, could shave every other day and still be considered groomed to British button down perfection.

The soaps from ETHOS are absolute perfection and what I use as daily go to, intermittently rotating the other top three soapmakers' lines for variety.  If one has damaged skin requiring the best soap cushioning and postshave available, ETHOS is simply tops.  ETHOS is supplying 3 tubs of soap: Succes, Lavender Supreme and Melenge di Agrume (including a 15ml white glass dropper bottle with Essential Oil blend: the intention is to add a drop or 2 if wanting to up the scent).  Surprisingly, have come to find for the first time in my shaving experience that a scented soap is actually better for my damaged and sensative skin due to the fruit extract powders used by ETHOS.  Folk, use these soaps and be sure to avail selves of the plastic spatulae Frank has provided; if more are needed, reach out to me and will arrange sending them out.  We are also going to survey how much additional scent passaround trialers are finding optimal for the Agrumes soap, passing the info back to ETHOS (the only info we share with anybody other than your publicly posted forum comments).

Will reiterate my summation from the East Coast P076 Ti SB and OC passaround review: these are the best 2 products of their type encountered in a lifetime of shaving – it really is that simple.  When items of such breakthrough significance by artisans having the vision and ability to make them reality are encountered, they deserve to be called out for being exceptional and so I did.  Shaving is not a hobby to me; rather, it is a chore that given an opportunity would happily be abandoned.  These products make a terrible burden better than any others I have used in a decade of experimenting with what are considered the best products available globally.  Whereas the H&S P076 17-4 is akin to driving an old midengine Ferrari 246 or 355 or Porsche 993 – it does exactly what is wanted without punishing terribly for mistakes and the N075 Al is akin to driving a Porsche 996/7 or Ferrari Italia – it makes you perform better than ever imagined without punishing mistakes, the P076 Ti is a Lamborghini Huracan – providing the thrills with margin of error protection of a Ferrari Italia but retaining some of the fun feedback of the Ferrari 355.

However, H&S faces a dilemma; at some point the price needs raised to reflect the industry leading design and execution of world class USA production using expensive to machine metals and truly world class artisanship.  Less critical but still of importance, H&S needs develop a suitably simplistically stylistic stand to complement these razors.

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