08-01-2020, 09:42 AM
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A couple of days ago my two new Simpson synthetics arrived.
I ordered two of the new brushes and was anxious to see what they were like.

It was a true pleasure indeed.
As  big M7 fan, I had to order the LE in tortoise. 

[Image: 1VV2p8c.jpg]

The Special Edition M7 Synthetic Fibre Tortoiseshell, filled with Simpson's Platinum grade synthetic fibres.

[Image: WLReBIw.jpg]

The M7 says Synthetic Bristle on the handle, probably to distinguish from the Trafalgar.

The handle is stunning, and I cannot fault it.
It is flawless, as it should be. Nice color, hefty material as in my original M7.
I like the M7, and it is a pleasure to have the synthetic as well.

The knot is like the CH2, but not as springy. It feels soft, but provides ample backbone.
Using it feels nothing like the manchurian badger M7, but it is as pleasant and effective.

At 70 GBP, I could not afford to miss.

Second, the Trafalgar T2 Synthetic Fibre faux Ivory, filled with sourced synthetic fibre called Sovereign grade.

[Image: tK829zr.jpg]

This handle says synthetic fibre.

[Image: AoNDJib.jpg]

If the M7 in synthetic is an excellent value proposition, this is a steal.
Seriously, at 17,50 GBP this is a must have.

The styling of the T2 is very much to my liking. It looks good, it feels good.
To my eyes, the T2 model is the most balanced from the series. 
It feels quality, not a cheap white plastic piece.
Sizewise, the perfect medium for my hands. It is more or less the dimensions of the CH2S (which I noted was labelled Synthetic badger), the Duke or the Eagle G3.

The knot is very easy to work with, though it looks a bit less refined than the M7 knot. 
I also have the idea the fibers are a bit more twisted, which might help with lathering.
It feels a step up from the CH2S, in terms of more natural feel ad flex.

[Image: S8W5jhU.jpg]

Please note in this picture the T2 is still wet.
When dry the fibers are not clumped.

First impressions are definitely favourable.
I think both are good looking brushes, solid performers and offer ample value for money.

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 08-01-2020, 01:11 PM
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Nice brushes and helpful comments.  I had been looking at those brushes.

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 08-03-2020, 07:43 AM
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Thank you for a nice review of two excellent synthetics.  The M7 is one of the most iconic brush handles, and it's great that Simpson is offering a synthetic version of it.  The T1, T2, and T3 are simply an amazing value.  I have a T3, and I don't know how Simpson can offer a lathe turned handle and hand tied knot at that price.

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 08-03-2020, 11:50 AM
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Wim, I dig your new brushes. Your thoughts regarding the M7’s differences with the Chubby knot (same Platinum fibers) are appreciated. Certainly, the M7 would have a different size knot and density compared to your Chubby. I have three CH2 synthetics of varying lofts and they all feel different. You wouldn’t think so, but while similar, they all most assuredly provide a different face feel. Your observations seem to support mine.

I like the Sovereign fibers much more than other brands’ synthetic knots I’ve tried - no names... Your T2 brush will likely continue to break-in with use. I’m very happy with my T3, and agree with your and Ricardo’s point about the extreme value the Trafalgar line presents. How do they do it?

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 08-06-2020, 03:40 PM
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Wow, we apparently have similar tastes.
T3 instead though
[Image: bcfe76f1d9c86b42ec108b9c0ec6fdb1.jpg]

good lather has no suds

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