08-13-2020, 08:00 AM
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I've taken in a lot of product this summer, looking to move a couple things. All prices include shipping within the US. If you have any questions about the items, let me know.

Edit: Take remaining items (brush, colognes) together for $70 shipped.

1. Vie-Long 2019 TSN Limited Edition Shaving Brush (Number 97/100) - 26mm European White Badger w/ box and stand: $120 - TRADED (retail $168.25)
2. Vie-Long 16510 24mm Silvertip Shaving Brush w/ box and stand: $65 $60 (retail $113) keeping
3. ETHOS Grooming Clean Aftershave, 60% remaining: $14 - SOLD (retail $26)
4. Talbot Shaving Okuma Soap v3 base, scooped 3x, no longer available: $18 - SOLD (retail $20)
5. Vintage Ungaro Pour L'Homme II w/ box, 75ml, ~45% full (made with REAL Civet): $35 - SOLD (no retail available, but a full vintage bottle was $85 last time I looked)
6. Swiss Arabian Jannet El Firdaus (Black) 9ML Concentrated Perfume Attar w/ box, only dabbed a couple times + 5ml Bvlgari Falkar decant: $25 $20 (I paid $45 for both) sold

For trades: I'm looking for badger brushes with at least a 2:1 knot:loft ratio (something like an Elite HMW), or scooped-only shave soaps from DG Milksteak or AE Kaizen.


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 08-13-2020, 03:35 PM
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Adding a combo deal to take the remaining items: $70 shipped for almost $150 worth of product.

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