08-18-2020, 10:43 AM
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Hi gents,

Thinning the herd slightly to make room for recent purchases.  At some point one always needs to make hard choices.  Up for sale is an Shavecraft iKon 102 slant head (no handle).  I purchased it used several years ago, but have no idea for how much.  It appears unblemished, and has been cleaned thoroughly.  I would like $40 shipped CONUS, and outside of the US, shipping will be the difference between cost and CONUS shipping.  My fascination with slants seems to have diminished, at least until I find a cheap mint condition Walbusch or win the lottery while finding a normally priced such razor.  

[Image: WXIMJOF.jpg]

[Image: Kd3jlcF.jpg]
[Image: XDtLgGz.jpg]
[Image: vQWb1zV.jpg]

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