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Here's what was a very early (Rudy Vey says he had the first) Shavemac Synthetic purchased directly from Berndt in early April 2019.   It has been used very lightly in a 50+ brush rotation since.   I like the brush, but am in the process of culling and this one is the next to go on the block.  It is a good sized brush & I prefer badger save while traveling .. Perhaps a resident of the Jungle on the Ohio would be interested?   

The handle is 62 mm high in their No.82 shape, rod stock is "Tiger".  The calipers here measure the knot as 29 mm x 56, it was ordered as 28 x 54.  Will be delivered with the Shavemac box & invoice.  At that time I paid $79 retail, I'd hope to receive $65 via PayPal, conus.  The price includes postage and PayPal fees.

Let me know if you'd like another picture, or if my asking price is way out of line, or if you remember Denny Dase's Drinking Place (tell me the cross street & get a discount) .  Thanks

[Image: WhNc6F7.jpg]

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