08-26-2020, 07:23 AM
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All vintage frags, sale or swap. Prices include US shipping. Feel free to ask for more photos or batch codes if needed. Due to vintage status no retail pricing available.

  1. KL Homme EdT 60ml/2oz, Parfums Lagerfeld bottle, $40 SOLD
  2. Calvin Klein Obsession EdT 125ml/4oz, Calvin Klein Cosmetics bottle, late 80s to early 90s (pre Unilever/Coty), $40 REMOVED
  3. Armani Lotion Apres Rasage (After Shave Splash), 100ml/2.4oz, Cosmair bottle, 1980s bottle, $40 NOW $25
  4. YSL Opium Pour Homme, 50ml/1.6oz, Sanofi bottle 1993-1999, $20 SOLD
  5. Giorgio Extraordinary Spray Cologne for Men, 100ml/4oz, Giorgio Beverly Hills bottle, original sprayer doesn’t work but swapped out with another sprayer - you get the original cap/sprayer on the new empty glass sprayer. Potent, dark juice. $50 NOW $40
For trades, I’m looking for vintage only formulations of men’s colognes and am open to offers.


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