08-30-2020, 03:58 PM
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I didn’t set out to recreate one of my brushes. When I got back into this hobby a few months this ago, I ordered a variety of Elite and Maggard knots and handles from various places. I sort of matched the available knots and handles from aesthetics and depth, etc. What resulted must have been unconscious!

[Image: MQrwAqw.jpg]

The brush on the left is my Rooney’s Finest Style 3, Size 1, purchased around 2009. It is a remarkably well-balanced brush. The hair is unlike any other untreated 2-band I’ve ever encountered, and has become basically impossible to find today. My preferences have shifted a bit to knots that are slightly larger and brushes with a bit more backbone overall, but I still love this brush and it is truly unique. 

But… maybe only by a little bit. The brush on the right is a basic Golden Nib handle I liked with a Maggards 22mm SHD 2-band knot. Since this picture was taken, I have since drilled the socket a bit lower and set it just a little deeper, but you can see the similarity between the two brushes. I’ll tell you what, it’s really amazing what you can get out of brushes these days in terms of backbone and soft tips. The gel tip craze may be waning a little bit, but I am surprised how closely one can approximate what was only available in the most elite brushes of years past.

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