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Plato believed that there are truths to be discovered; that knowledge is possible. He held that truth is not relative. Instead, it is objective; it is that which our reason, used rightly, apprehends.

So gentlemen, which blade is better?

I’ve always used MedPreps in my rotation, and they’re excellent. But, I just purchased a new razor and it came with 5 Personna Lab Blue blades. I haven’t tried one yet. Will it be as good? Better?

Is it the same blade, but the MedPrep is just cleaned more because it is for hospital use? (I doubt that many hospitals use them anymore. Disposables have been used for about half a century at my local hospital according to a retired nurse friend.)

Are they the same thickness? I don’t have a micrometer, so I can’t say for sure. I think the MedPrep might be a tad thicker. It feels a tiny bit different when I flex it.

Will I get more shaves out of one or the other?

Which one is smoother?

Is there better quality control on one of them?

Are they made by the same company now?

My wife, after rolling her eyes, offered to assist me in a test. She’ll load up my razor with one, and I can shave half my face. Then she’ll change the blade and I can shave the other half. Then I can compare. To make it more scientific, I could repeat the next day, and see how they are on shave 2. Anyone already compared them?

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The answer is simple: Personna Reds Biggrin 

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Give or take, I use about 150 DE blades a year. For the last six years, other than perhaps 250 various Gillette blades and a smattering of others, I’ve only used modern production American and Israeli made Personna blades. This is what I think (ymmv).

1. Mike is correct. The Israeli Reds aka Personna Platinum Chromes are the smoothest. They are good for two solidly smooth shaves. The third shave is often a crap shoot, so it’s become my custom to toss after two.

2. Med Preps are a solid number two in the smooth department. I make no judgement between IPs and Med Preps re: sharpness. They’re razor blades. They’re both sharp. I can’t easily discern which is “sharper.” To me, the point is moot. That said, Med Preps seem to hold their edge for a third shave, but experience has suggested that here, the fourth shave is a question mark, so I change these after two, maybe three shaves. But again, the IPs are smoother.

3. 3a/3b, is a draw between Lab Blues and Crystals. Neither is as smooth as the top two, however they are perfectly usable in a well known smooth razor such as a Tech or Game Changer. Interestingly (or not), I prefer either one of these to Med Preps in my Asylum Evolution. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why. OTOH, I can very easily go on a Lab Blue or Crystal tear for a week and not bat an eye. When I get into a groove with these, great shaves ensue.

4. Then I come back to IPs and the difference is remarkable. IPs rule the Personna brand in my book.

5. Noteworthy are the store brand Nazareth made blades. These tend to be made from thinner stainless steel. They are fine for the first shave, but don’t always work so great for subsequent shaves. I have a stash of these too, as whenever I come across them in brick and mortar retail stores I make a point to buy another tuck or two of 10 blades. Once in a while if you’re lucky, you can find 15 blade packs, but I haven’t seen these in a few years.

6. Anecdotal observation suggests that Med Preps and Crystals seem to be thicker than IPs and Lab Blues. Med Preps seem to be thicker than Labs. Crystals I’m almost completely sure feel thicker than IPs. Regardless of perceived thickness of any of the different Personna brands, IPs are the smoothest for me.

7. I might at some time want to try the new German made Personna Platinum Chromes, but truth be told, I haven’t ever appreciated any German made razor blades. German blades I’ve used are Merkur and Wilkinson; perhaps 10-15 of each. They’ve always felt rough and tuggy to me.

In conclusion, the Israeli made Personna Platinum Chrome blades are shave magic for me. My hands down favorite. I have about 1800 stashed away. I’m contemplating picking up a few more while they’re still available.

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 10-12-2020, 03:09 AM
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Have never tried any other personnas, but happened to try the German made personna platinums - and found them vvery smooth. Definitely not the sharpest, but sharp enough while being smooth. Also agree with chazt's comment here about the first two shaves being very good.

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I find that some razors work best with certain blades.

If the manufacturer of the razor recommends Personna Blues, then that is most likely the blade that will work best in that razor

Feather blades work best in Feather razors; German blades (Muhle, Timor) work best for me in MUHLE razors.....

at least this is my experience.

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