09-07-2020, 10:35 AM
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The new two releases from Gentleman’s Nod are two homages to scents and famous characters :

Sir Arthur is a homage to Penhaligons English Fern and Conan Doyle

Sir Winston is a homage to Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet and Winston Churchill

The shaving soaps with the Cardinal based (tallow) make a thick , creamy lather but extremely slick and very protective.I have a dry skin and love how they leave my skin after the shave.

The lotions are very cooling and refreshing and the scents lingers for hours.

These lines are very easy for me to recommend due to the quality of their ingredients and also the scents.

Very well done for Gentleman’s Nod once again

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 09-07-2020, 02:35 PM
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Nice job, Teiste. Soap base is elite of the elite.

If the scent quality of these is on par w Zaharoff, we are in for a treat.

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 09-14-2020, 04:08 PM
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The Sir Arthur aftershave is potent! I shaved at 630 and at 8 its feels and smells like I just applied the aftershave. Lucky for me, my wife likes the aroma too.

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