09-12-2020, 06:07 PM
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I have the following artisan soaps for trade.  All are new/unused except for Joserra Noir which has been used once.  I'm open to most anything in trade but will give preference to triple-milled, tallow soaps, such as AOS tallow, MWF, Speick shave stick, Palmolive shave sticks, Fine, etc).  I'm open to cologne and aftershave trades as well, particularly older bottles of Speick aftershave.  Feel free to PM any offers.

The artisan soaps are:
1) Grooming Dept. Dapper Mallard - about $25 new
2) Grooming Dept. Lavender Mallard - about $25 new
3) TRADED - Declaration Grooming Gratiot League Square - $24 new
4) TRADED - Jossera Noir - $34.50 new 

[Image: wHD1M5W.jpg]
[Image: x5vmYPR.jpg]
[Image: JGggXQh.jpg]

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