09-15-2020, 09:17 AM
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Tried to hold on to this one as long as I could but I don’t reach for it any more so it has to leave the den. Bought this one bar and new from Bullgoose and I think it was right around $200 new. I really can’t remember. This has the curved ends baseplate and is a beauty! Provides a super smooth and efficient shave. Low serial number as well. Anyway, it’s in great shape and selling it CONUS via PayPal for $125.00. SOLD
[Image: 5256787ba0c54d583de667969bedafa4.jpg]
[Image: aa8bf2c8b7304be7b60572095eca5943.jpg]
[Image: 33e38395a7a39b742f3baf1c43a12afe.jpg]
[Image: da1d7108002cfa234c7c7756e71e8052.jpg]
[Image: 9d005d0d4f2912a108c6e5c00993b2bd.jpg]

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 09-15-2020, 10:36 AM
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SOLD, please archive.

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