09-15-2020, 09:28 AM
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Letting go of these 3 beautiful brushes. All 3 have 26mm Oumo SHD Finest/HandMaster knots installed. Probably used them 3 times each. Paid $65-$75 for each handle and the knots were purchased directly form Oumo in China for $30-$35. Selling the first 2 for $80 and the last one for $95 because that one is one of John’s “Crushed” designs. CONUS only via PayPal. PM me if interested.
[Image: 444b285309a71e5eaea63a5cf10666be.jpg]

[Image: fb179f4ac91fe6d1e77fc08666d22e50.jpg]
[Image: 8e4b7b575157cf2d784ce7d0e942c453.jpg]

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