09-26-2020, 04:01 PM
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This is stuff that is not getting used. Rather than have it collect dust, I would like to sell it all and donate 100% of the money to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

$75 takes it all and I will cover Priority Shipping to the US

Please message me if you have questions about any of the items

The Tabac is new/unused. The MWF has been used a handful for times. I made the Walnut handle. My Father made the smaller one. The Maseto knot is 26mm and new/unused.

Again, any questions, please ask.


[Image: af6841ba6428fce37b97f1c2422448f6.jpg]
[Image: c823da0ba30beecedc3c9d3f375603a0.jpg]
[Image: d162061927ff86c95c5aa816c6fb32e5.jpg]
[Image: dd9c8399a2caa41d2b73ea2120901c9a.jpg]
[Image: 531c053f0dfb62fc2d90bdb661719e29.jpg]
[Image: ec8897d5e27ba85985b3500a5187e09f.jpg]
[Image: 0bd08062ba15e84d2d2ce86f05c16f76.jpg]
[Image: dd3d8832801bacf8a683005fbe66e3c5.jpg]
[Image: bc7c3d3179f4126a279615a16eb6becf.jpg]
[Image: 77110b83ce843a7d2908519e09879795.jpg]

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