10-02-2020, 03:01 PM
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I made both of these brush handles from Birch Colorwood. They have multiple coats of CA for a waterproof finish. The knots are 26mm Synthetics. Both brushes are new/unused.

Also included is a new Ming Shi Adjustable razor. Very smooth operation and finish. New/unused

$99 takes all 3 items. Sorry, I won’t separate. I’ll cover USPS Shipping to the US and donate all the money to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

[Image: 7a50abf3cd572f573856e90c78f2851d.jpg]
[Image: 0746bf56b055c1946dc9c7f646248958.jpg]
[Image: 9365ea2bab612efa752b92722fb64b1a.jpg]
[Image: 8fb67602f79f0efcdad3a8a7f81632d5.jpg]
[Image: 7f67f2126e0b0cd04009f515c5254d46.jpg]

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