10-23-2020, 05:06 AM
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Thinning out the herd. I just have to much and it gives me agita.

The straights are all probably near shave ready. They need at least a good stropping, and a pasted strop wouldn't hurt. Some of them may need more. I just don't know much about straights. Did I mention I don't know much about straights. Most of them are probably good candidates for a beginner, or someone looking to learn how to hone without breaking the bank.

Payment is through PayPal. Please add $3 for shipping. If you purchase more than 3 items, shipping is included. CONUS only.
I have included some photos of measurements using an inexpenisive digital caliper. I don't know how accurate, and I measured using the top of the spine to the blade. I tried not to touch the cutting edge.

As for shipping, I really cannot make 20 different trips to the post office. I am going to the post office this Saturday. If you purchase something before then, I will get it shipped out this Saturday morning. I will be able to get to the post office next week, I just don't know the day. It may not be until later in the week.

If you have any questions, please ask. Again, I do not know much about straights, but I can try and answer your questions. I like to think of this as a gentlemenly forum. Please, if you see one of my prices is off, either to high or to low (as I don't know much about straights, I may not know what I have) please let me know. A PM would be fine if you don't want to put in the comments.

I am not interested in any trades. I am only interested in cash money. Now, on to the goods.

1. Genco Tubak. $20. 

[Image: t9YMBZp.jpg][Image: ZL7CFuD.jpg][Image: 3nwEnHg.jpg][Image: 68Wicrk.jpg][Image: 4nHNEbg.jpg]

2. Almond $70 - this is in really nice shape. I believe it is a Kamisori style razor, though it is a foldable. I wanted to shave with this one, but didn't have the cojones to put it to a stone so I left it alone.

[Image: FRInv30.jpg][Image: PRFimrU.jpg][Image: WV3gT9c.jpg][Image: laLqnmb.jpg]
[Image: img_1590-jpg.1172340]

3. The Favorite Worthington. This definitely has replaced scales. They are a little biggish for the blade, but the spine acts as a stop. - $20
[Image: CmlAsIw.jpg][Image: c6bzCmV.jpg][Image: VsRxYWI.jpg][Image: 7wliREV.jpg][Image: NyvVkBl.jpg]

4. Modified Gold Dollar with (I believe) bone scales - $20

[Image: xlEihCw.jpg][Image: uRch1RP.jpg][Image: edOkprh.jpg]
5. This one with red scales - $20

[Image: 4kXSbpE.jpg][Image: eKYEITr.jpg][Image: STDHS6i.jpg]

6. Shumates (this has a spray of Ballistol on it)- $18

[Image: UpNW4xR.jpg][Image: 8w6lzzT.jpg][Image: dd4rQxm.jpg]
7. The Worcester - $22

[Image: mVM6Y2I.jpg][Image: D9jTYib.jpg][Image: LhHw5T4.jpg]

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 10-23-2020, 05:07 AM
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8. The Sta-Sharp. This one is in very nice shape and comes with a coffin. - $27

[Image: cWtAYFJ.jpg][Image: mU7jGY8.jpg][Image: KhYoIKu.jpg][Image: UY8gO9f.jpg]

9. The Barber's Delight. -$20

[Image: WgTP8uR.jpg][Image: uucPgxP.jpg][Image: caqcHsB.jpg]

10. Worcester Extra Hollow Ground -$18

[Image: Zelecch.jpg][Image: XCXEpAm.jpg][Image: CRT6AgK.jpg]

11. Cased Gem MMOC - $35. This is a VERY nice razor. Opens and closes as smooth as butter. Looks real nice as well. Case is in great shape.

[Image: bKGefKt.jpg][Image: Cv4aJGD.jpg]

12. Cased Gem Clog Proof. This is not as nice as the MMOC above, but still in good shape. It opens smooth, but there is a bit of tightness when it closes. Dont get me wrong, it still closes fine and even, its just some tightness. Im not sure if a shot of ballistol will loosen it up, or soak in a Dawn dish soap bath will help. It is perfectly usable as is. I just want to fully disclose. $24

[Image: B8Lg8oz.jpg][Image: 9pmksaY.jpg]

Last but not least, a Canadian Gillette New with a case. Im not sure if it is the correct case. There is some brassing, the handle has the typical little hairline fracture. But it is a good shaver. Teeth are straight. No major divots anywhere. I found it more aggressive than the U.S New, which is why it is being moved along. $22.
[Image: 1h3dI8o.jpg][Image: jOGjUbP.jpg]

Again, please feel free to make an offer and let me know if I'm to high or low on any item, or if you have any questions or want any additional photos. Most of the straights are just nice beginner straights, either for a beginning shaver, or someone who wants to begin practicing honing without breaking the bank. Thanks for looking.

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 10-23-2020, 07:46 AM
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The Sta Sharp, Gold Dollar, the one with the red scales and the Almond are sold.  Make an offer on any or all remaining items.  Buy today and they will be shipped out tomorrow.  

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 10-23-2020, 09:07 AM
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Worcester, Barber's Delight, ClogPruf and New all sold.

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 10-24-2020, 11:00 AM
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Will consider trades for software.

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 10-26-2020, 07:08 AM
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Cased GEM MMOC now $30.

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