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The Karve Christopher Bradley razor is joy to use. I love the weight and the balance, and the shave is quite comfortable and efficient. I, however, am hooked on my two Timeless TI and SS open comb razors. So I will part with my Karve. This one has the 3.25” handle and the B plate open comb. It’s hard not to like this razor; it has quite a bit going for it. The B plate (.73 gap, I believe) in the open comb is the equivalent of the C plate (.85 gap, I think) in the straight bar, according to the Karve site. I have used the razor twice. It is mid-aggressive and a superb shaver.  New, the razor cost around $155. Your price, shipped U.S., is $125. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks.

[Image: mJzrWCJ.jpg][Image: tEnU8nU.jpg][Image: xybR0v7.jpg][Image: 7EgI0FB.jpg][Image: Tcr3Jez.jpg]

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