10-27-2020, 02:43 PM
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So to supplement my Haslinger's tallow stash of one puck I found a seller on that famous auction site. 

Had the Shafmilch & Lanolin listed, with a picture of the tallow formula for a higher than usual price.  "Mmm.. must know what they have here."  

Since this is the complaint department, you probably know where this is going.  
Received the non-tallow formula - returned with the explanation that the product did not match the pictures - full postage paid refund given.  

The real complaint is - the seller still lists using the same picture.  Check before pulling the trigger.  Might save you some hassle.  

This is not a knock on the new formula for Haslinger's which I have not tried and for all I know could be the best non-tallow soap ever.  
There is just no need to pay more than list price for it.

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 10-27-2020, 02:55 PM
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Thanks for the information.  I'm glad the seller gave you a complete refund.

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