10-28-2020, 11:06 AM
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Next from my collection is another Gillette Aristocrat #66.  This one has the Patent Number 694093 on the inside head and the Roman Numerals II stamped on the bottom of the head along with "Made in England".  From what I've read over the years I believe this was made for the French market but that is just my opinion from collecting all these years.  Weighs 74 grams on my scale.

Everything works as it should, the doors open smoothly and shut down tight.  The Knurling is great and I don't see any plate loss on the razor.  

The case doesn't snap shut like it did when new.  The case also shows some wear both inside and out.  I haven't cleaned the case, this is how it came to me many years ago.  

i have many other pictures of the razor and case that I could send if you send me your email address.  

I'm going to ask $180 for this set shipped and paypalled in the USA.  I would consider shipping at cost to other areas, just ask.  I've not been keeping up on prices lately so if I'm off feel free to send an offer.

[Image: BSCGCEH.jpg][Image: TwqrEEc.jpg][Image: WaC9MX5.jpg][Image: SrNBFdL.jpg]

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 10-28-2020, 11:08 AM
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