11-13-2020, 07:05 AM
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I purchased the Aftershave new from Kramperts website several months ago. I’ve used this bottle a handful of times (less than 6). If you haven’t experienced it, Kramperts aftershaves are phenomenal! I’m just not enamored with any Bay Rum.
I’m looking to trade for another aftershave CONUS only please. If you have Kramperts frostbite I will definitely trade with you. But I’m open to other offers. Retail on this is $14.99 plus shipping. Not interested in Proraso or drug store/grocery store varieties. Thanks.

I would also like to trade some blades.  I have Feathers!  I'm looking to trade.  I would like to keep the trade with each person between 5 and 10 blades so we can just put them in a regularly stamped envelope.  30 Feather blades retail for about $14.  


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