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Before I stick them on Reddit figured I would offer here. Wife was doing some reorganizing in the hall bath and found these in a ziplock bag. She says she doesn’t like the scents and I should find a new hole for them.

What I like and would trade for for sure is some Antica Barbieria Colla (almond), B&M Leviathan Aftershave Splash, I would like to try some Ethos soap (Lime, or others). Open to other offers though no heavy floral or lavender soaps. Also open to an offer to sell them.

The la Savonniere du Moulin, aus fliers de Bach is brand new never used it was a gift and the scent just doesn’t work for me

The TSN Flying Mango I bought and used once .. maybe twice but I don’t think so and it was only ok and wife didn’t like the scent.

The CRSW Vetiver I would judge at used half a dozen times again a scent I didn’t prefer and the Puro Fresco is maybe ⅓ left.

[Image: 514659e6c2a2228c1c9668eb950eaa2c.jpg]
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