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History time!

During the Second World War, aka “The War” for us Norwegian, the US Army and US Navy created the E-award. E stands for – according to my sources – Excellence in Production of war equipment. In other words, a company had to not only produce for the war effort, but do so while: Overcoming obstacles, maintaining quality and quantity, avoiding stoppages, training additional laborers without lowering labor standards. On top of that they had to demonstrate good record keeping on the subject of health and safety. About one in twenty companies – government and private – which delivered war materials got the E-award.
And yes… Gillette got one of the E-awards, in 1943.
[Image: 15a2a19789e46c529d06173010321899.jpg]
Gillette advertisement bragging of their E-award.
FROM THE OFFICIAL CITATION Wrote:The high accomplishment of you men and women of the Gillette Safety Razor Company is inspiring. Your record will be difficult to surpass, yet the Army and Navy have every confidence that it was made only to be broken.

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It is amazing how USA fought 2 enemies on 2 different fronts and created the most effective products. Now in the USA we cannot build a 50 foot bridge over a trickling stream without a year going by. Go figure.

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