11-24-2020, 03:42 AM
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From Los Angeles Times May 29, 1940, I bring you a nice advertisement for the then new Glog-Pruf. Designed, they claim, for use with brushless cream – although in my experience it works with lather applied by brush too – and with the face-fitting bevel that prevents the dreaded five o’clock shadow.
[Image: 4c55b1abb2c95368814a47ac1931c08c.jpg]
It is amusing/amazing, in hindsight, to see how low they put the value of the razor, blades and cream. A dollar in 1940 adjusted for inflation equals less than a twenty today.

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 11-24-2020, 11:37 AM
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Great find.

The Clog Pruf is a favourite, but I did not know anything about this 'wonder shaving of all time'  history.

I mean ... V-slots, a tension bar that spreads the skin like a barber, face fitting bevel. 
It sound pretty innovative that way!

And then the brushless aspect: No brush! No lather!
I wonder what they thought.

Time to update the rotation and give the Wolfman some rest.
I foresee a Clog Pruf for the rest of the week!

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