12-08-2020, 01:37 PM
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There seems to be general agreement that drying a razor blade between shaves, whether a double or single edge blade or a cartridge, extends its useful life. Simple towel blotting (not wiping) is most often recommended, with some also suggesting a coat of oil on the blade once it is dry. A few people use a hair dryer, although this reportedly result in flexing and permanent bending of a double edge blade. But of course there are always folks who insist upon using higher tech solutions, so for them here are some Christmas ideas.

First is the electric Blew Razor Blade Dryer for cartridges:

Or the Razor-Pro, which is advertised as being for either cartridges or double/single edge razors:

For those who insist upon storing the blade out of the razor between uses, there is this little stocking stuffer:

And while we're talking stocking stuffer gifts, for those guys who keep track of their blade use with dice and like to alternate blades, there is the Dice Tracker Blade Stand:

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