12-13-2020, 10:06 AM
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I made this handle on my lathe. It’s drilled for a 26mm knot.

The Puros soap is amazing, but my wife is not a fan of the scent. If you love tobacco/cigar scents, this one is great. I scooped the soap once (no brush has touched it) and lightly used the aftershave once.

I’m also throwing in 2 vintage Willams soap pucks, 20 blades, and some alum as freebies.

Let’s say $38 for this lot, and I’ll cover the shipping.

I would be happy to trade for a Fatboy, Slim, or higher quality stainless razor handle.


[Image: 01c1fdff02854c50da82fe4df5800570.jpg]
[Image: 43af4af4ae44fb422010fa22aa878663.jpg]
[Image: 891136d1dffaf697818ffb29620aeb89.jpg]
[Image: 3a52b46a53ff1338a20b11b07078f879.jpg]
[Image: dc4fea39b4de010ebad90e9c663e6273.jpg]
[Image: 411e68a9932cbd850b2166adebf096bd.jpg]
[Image: a21185f2f4f9c68830b0571ffc2e6676.jpg]

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 12-13-2020, 10:23 AM
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Sweet deal.

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