12-13-2020, 12:29 PM
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These are 2 birch Colorwood handles I made on my lathe. I was experiencing with some new/unique shapes. The blue handle has a leather band which turned out pretty darn good. They are both drilled for a 26mm knot and sealed with CA for a waterproof finish.

** The Badger knots in the pics are not included **

Also included in this lot is a Central Texas Sandalwood Set that has lightly been used 3 times. It’s a wonderful scent and solid performer!

Throwing in a once used tube of Palmolive. It’s one of my favorite soaps but I have a ton of it.... so this is yours for free along with a new Stirling bar soap sample.

I will take $38 for this lot and cover usps priority shipping to the US.

Would be happy to trade for a Fatboy or really nice stainless razor handle.


[Image: dacd2f2f47551a80e81d4580430695a9.jpg]
[Image: e5dc9a3ff92552124e6552d622efc59b.jpg]
[Image: 41bbb5b56a3373074f95b9d188440570.jpg]
[Image: ef1a23101a0bd724e05b5eb5d49baee3.jpg]
[Image: 1bb623e88901c9027bb1308f2cfb976e.jpg]
[Image: 8956bfaa547dd8b2dd40d34ab7949033.jpg]
[Image: b0c731d31c591f47e0aa22d96df26146.jpg]
[Image: 271213988e34928d6823eaf6d0e631f1.jpg]

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