12-18-2020, 07:52 AM
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I purchased this brush new and have used it a total of five times. The current retail price is $201 shipped from Germany. Fantastic exfoliator, but a bit too much for me. I'm selling it for $160 shipped, and I would prefer US only due to current shipping issues worldwide.

I'm also very interested in a partial trade + cash for a Semogue TSN 2020 Silvertip Badger LE. I'm also interested in other low-use 24-26mm 2 band badger brushes around the same MSRP as the Shavemac if they have less scrub than the D01 2 Band.

Details on the brush from Shavemac:
Hair quality:
Silvertip D01 2-Band 
Knot size :
24 mm
Knot shape:
Hair length:
48 mm

Handle colour:
ivory brown beige
Handle diameter :
38 mm
Handle height :
51 mm

Total height:
99 mm

The "Americana" designed by Geoff Anderson


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 12-18-2020, 08:33 AM
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got mine with my name on it.  love the looks and it sure is a scrubber

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