12-21-2020, 10:41 AM
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Making a bit of space in the cabinet today with today's offerings. All items have been kept away from heat, light, and humidity. CONUS shipping included.

Gillette Platinum double edge blades (200 blades, 40 packs of 5) - retail on these is $22.00 per 50. Hard to come by these days. Lot of 200 available here for $40.

Feather FHS-10 single edge blades ( 265 blades, 23 packs of 5 and 15 packs of 10) - retail on this quantity is approx. $256 (now on sale at OneBlade for $185) - available here for $115. SOLD

Sebum Green and Lime, each soap new/unused. Each currently unavailable. Take the Green for $75 and the Lime for $65. Take both for $130. SOLD

Tallow & Steel Lot, Rainforest II approx. 80% full, Sasquets approx. 70% full, Sicily and Morikami both new/unused. All but Sicily has been discontinued. Please note that all used soaps were scooped with a cosmetic spoon and were never lathered with a brush. Available for $70. SOLD

[Image: 7Rl29Cm.jpg]
[Image: 1BiLVrM.jpg]
[Image: x1FqD5o.jpg]
[Image: ksFd964.jpg]

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 01-15-2021, 11:12 AM
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Bump. Still have two sets of the Gillette blades available.

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