12-22-2020, 05:04 PM
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Here’s a really nice hardware lot.

Sold only as a lot for $88 shipped.

1. Ikon Tech head

2. Karve Brass C open comb base plate (works perfectly with the V3 cap)

3. Maggards V3 Satin top cap and base plate (new/never used)

4. Razorock Lupo DLC Stainless Handle

5. Marley Machine Work Stainless Handle

6. TiBam Titanium Handle

I will also throw in a nice variety of blades as a freebie

[Image: a36d4418aa66620b494a2042f7647985.jpg]
[Image: 28611fb6187bbc0fc33a636bf6bc7f9e.jpg]
[Image: e805bb949836353c7f7cc815840cec3f.jpg]
[Image: e49b366a14084ca07d1f0645edd8c197.jpg]
[Image: 42aff3260c633304683d05dcbdab3c14.jpg]
[Image: d92e407537e07de9a94b2c7b09f9ed69.jpg]
[Image: 767c3a3732eec81edacb696f26e5d419.jpg]
[Image: 7a0099209ea9e3bfcd3eb7e756bb73ac.jpg]

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