01-03-2021, 02:05 PM
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On offer is a 1934 Gillette Aristocrat in its Christmas gold box with safe bank. The first Twist To Open razor. This razor has been replated by Razor Emporium. The box and safe bank have not been replated. Box lining is in good shape and the logo is still visible. Not bad for 87 years old.

I think this is worth $2-300 but it's New Year's den clearing time. $140 delivered in the US.

PM with any questions.
[Image: f82e6660310a9c7775a2703d592a36c4.jpg][Image: d796d8fca1bd21304e8624c819c4fa77.jpg][Image: 3b35290d8c4de30ef130b3df3db1a8df.jpg][Image: 06b5e6bf032371f17493913c0599532b.jpg][Image: 8b2a623920c7d34761df2ce8ffd06332.jpg]

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 01-03-2021, 05:55 PM
  • mark1966
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Very sweet at a VERY sharp price!

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 01-03-2021, 06:50 PM
  • Shaun
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(01-03-2021, 05:55 PM)mark1966 Wrote: Very sweet at a VERY sharp price!

Agreed. This is an absolute steal for the asking price!

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 01-04-2021, 12:00 PM
  • jjfar
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I have heard the 1934 's were the smoothest Aristocrat OC


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