01-07-2021, 08:23 PM
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The sandalwood DR Harris puck soap I'vebeen using has been a lovely scent all year. But when I got it I was hoping it would smell more like the sandalwood scent of Truefitt and Hill that I prefer. I'm now finding out that the Truefitt and Hill I like is actually not a very traditional sandalwood which is why I keep trying other sandalwoods and finding that they are very different. Does anyone know of another shaving soap that smells like Truefitt and Hill so I can avoid buying 5 different kinds to find one that fits? Or maybe what I should be looking for to get that T&H scent?

To answer the question, why not just keep using T&H soap: it is an infuriatingly difficult soap puck to load and lather.
To answer the question, why not just use their cream: I'm trying to stick to soaps so I don't have the waste of a plastic container every time.


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