01-10-2021, 07:13 AM
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Hello Gentlemen,

Here are my unsolicited thoughts on the Henson Ti razor that’s sitting in my walnut razor stand.

I wanted to try the Ti Henson 4-5 times before I formulated an opinion. 
First, I really wanted to like this razor.  (I suppose mostly because I spent $200)  I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews.  I’m more curious about what others think about this average razor, either in alum or Ti...

This was my 2nd Henson razor.  The red Aluminum that I bought was just simply way too mild for me.  (My 87yo father loves it.)  I have a quite normal beard.  I can shave everyday, but sometimes don’t need to. The Ti Henson that I chose is the most “aggressive” version and is the plain titanium color.  I used a different blade/soap each time I used the razor.  (Personna Lab Blues and Astra SP were the best for me, as is typical.)

The razor looks OK, but actually seemed a bit more “crude” than I expected.  Being a little bit picky, the handle has just enough “knurling” to have grip, but it seems somehow rough or “unfinished”.  (Even compared to a true knurled handle?)  Could be just precise machining.  Also, the corners of the baseplate are almost sharp.  Again, it’s not a deal breaker for me.  It’s is however, noticeable when shaving under my proboscis or at an angle.

IMHO...Shaving with the Ti Henson is just “unexceptional”.  I didn’t feel that it was efficient, nor was it even remotely “aggressive”.  For reference, my Karve with a B or C plate and my Gamechanger .68 are more efficient.  The Tatara Nodachi is considerably more smooth and efficient...

My biggest and most confusing gripe with this Henson is this...For me, and for all of 4-5 shaves with it, is the flat face of the shaving surface.  While shaving with different soaps and blades, the razor seemed like it was almost stuck to my face.  By that I mean it didn’t smoothly glide.  It seemed that the material both above and below the blade gap was too thick/wide, if that makes any sense?  Might be that the machining needs some, for lack of a better term, ridges/striations?  This might provide more glide across my soapy, and very old, face??

In conclusion...I don’t hate this razor.  If you have a light beard, it may work well for you.  I just don’t see it as my every day razor.  I will keep this Henson Ti in my “sometimes” rotation.  I’d guess that I’ll reach for other razors more often.  YMMV!!

I would, very much like to hear from other Henson razor owners!  Please?

Respectfully hiding from Covid and not protesting anything, anywhere.

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 01-12-2021, 08:50 AM
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 I too have purchased a Henson Ti razor. I started with the $50 aluminum model and was pleased. The razor was smooth, shaved quickly, and cleanly. However, within 15 hours I needed another shave. I reasoned the razor was not aggressive enough to give me the close shave that I wanted. In order to get an aggressive model, I purchased the Ti model. I have a light beard and usually do not do well with aggressive razors. This Ti razor works fine for me.

First, it is not.  an aggressive razor by most standards. I would rate it as a medium razor. I loaded it with a Feather blade and get close shaves. I do have to buff my problem areas a few times. I have been getting smooth,fast, long-lasting shaves with the Henson Ti.
In summary, if you require an aggressive razor this is not the razor for you. Second, for the best results use the sharpest blade available.

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 01-12-2021, 02:10 PM
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Great review, thank you. I don't have personal experience with the maker.

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