01-21-2021, 01:58 AM
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The Mark Cross is my favorite razor. Stumbled upon one a few years ago in a thrift store and bought it on a lark. Turns out, it can be configured to be mild or aggressive -- or anywhere in between. It's really nimble and light. I love it. It was manufactured briefly, in 1912. Every last one of them sold out quickly in 1913 and then they were gone. They were designed for a proprietary blade but I use mine with one half of an ordinary DE.

In my book, it's better than any other razor I've tried and I've shaved with various Wolfman razors and other high end stuff. Most were borrowed. My most expensive razor is a Charcoal Goods, which is great, but I prefer my Mark Cross and not by a little. Perhaps it's just me. The Mark Cross doesn't generally get much love across the internet.

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