01-28-2021, 06:00 PM
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This was hand polished by AlanH81 to an amazing finish way beyond what the stock polished version is and is simply GORGEOUS. Only one I know of that he did. I wanted to keep it but I simply prefer the feel of the stonewashed on my face and made the determination after having another shave this morning with this polished one. I already have another Yates stonewashed razor and don't need both. Moving it along to free funds up for other purchases. The handle is the WCS one designed by Brian of Charcoal Goods. I have easily $250 invested in this but will sell for $200 $190 now (no lower) if anyone is wanting it. The Yates lesser electro-polished is currently out of stock. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping. $50 credit if you want to send me a Stonewashed Original handle. PM if wanted. Thanks for looking, Dave
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