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I'm not a fan of short DE blade shavettes.
And in general I don't like linear and square shapes.
That's why I love the Jaguar Solingen 3807.

The body is entirely made of steel.
But it is light, manageable and balanced.
Also thanks to the dense resin handle.

The package also includes a box of ten blades.
In the S (short) version the JT1, for Orca 3907.
In the normal 3807 the long JT3s (62mm).

While they don't have the technology of other long blades (AC), the JT3s are great.
The cut is clean and neat, but softened by the length.

The only problem is the geometry of the blade holder.
In fact it uses a plastic support like Dovo Shavette.
But the profile is specific to proprietary blades.
And also for the shape of the body.
So not interchangeable.

It also has a very graceful design.
Which in SOTD is always a pleasure ...

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