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Here are a few things that I hope someone can find some use for. they are far to nice just to be sitting around.  Please add $5.00 for shipping and if I am off on prices please let me know via PM (its been a while since I have sold anything)

Vintage Razors 

1. Gold (C4 1957) Gillette 3-Piece Safety Razor, Ball End, Gold tone, made in USA, in almost new condition. -$25.00 

2. Silver (D2 1958) Gillette 3-Piece Safety Razor, Ball End, Silver tone, made in USA, in great condition. - $20.00 

3. Silver (Y4 1953) Gillette Super Speed, Silver TTO, Made in the USA, Great Condition. - $20.00 - Sold 

4. Gold 1940's (No Date Code) Gillette Milord or Gold Washed Super Speed, Gold TTO, Made in the USA, User grade condition, No Notched Center Bar. $30.00 

5. Silver 1930's to 1940's (No Date Code) Gillette Tech Fat Handle Razor, Excellent Condition - $30.00 - Sold

Modern Razor's 

6. iKon DLC Slant with OSS Handle, Excellent Condition - $80.00 

7. RazoRock Bundle - $50.00 
 Razorock Hawk (V1, Black Aluminum) MSRP $29.99
 Razorock Baby Smooth with Stand (V1, Black Aluminum) with Stand MSRP $39.99

Creams and Soaps - Add On's $10.00 (All New Still Sealed)

Andalou Naturals Botanical Shave Cream 8fl oz Rose Pomegranate scent - MSRP $10.00
Andalou Naturals Post Shave Cooling Balm 3.1fl oz -  MSRP $10.00

Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Shave Cream 4fl oz - MSRP $7.00
Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Aftershave Balm 4fl oz -MSRP $7.00

Add On's - Free (Just add it to your PM when purchasing a razor or watch)

Organic Vegetable Glycerin 4fl oz - $4.00 - Claimed


8. Casio G-Shock G-Rescue 7900 - New $150.00 Here $60.00 obo

9. Casio G-Shock GD100MS3 - New $60.00 Here $20.00 obo 

10. Movado 800 Series Men's Chronograph Quartz Watch, Black Dial and Black Rubber Strap New $450.00 here $150.00 obo 

11. Projects Watches Horizon Quartz Black Steel, Cloth Strap Unisex Pilot Watch New $150.00 Here $60.00 obo

1 & 2
[Image: V7QJBBY.jpg]
[Image: cnfws1T.jpg]

3 & 4
[Image: wVMBFJX.jpg]

[Image: t8wZi46.jpg]

[Image: TrvMwPm.jpg]
[Image: loXWOYX.jpg]

[Image: 6CFLfiQ.jpg]


[Image: HMhPsBC.jpg]


[Image: NqRTLDf.jpg]

8 & 9

[Image: VgvZmot.jpg]

[Image: ht8dBwC.jpg]

[Image: xmrknxX.jpg]


[Image: SgC0L8r.jpg]

[Image: 8jo7Qve.jpg]

[Image: gZzJTbK.jpg]

Add - Ons

[Image: tB11Fse.jpg]
[Image: 3d64mTg.jpg]
[Image: trw2q6F.jpg]

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