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Hi gents, i have a bunch of stuff sitting in a box that i need to purge. So i appreciate your time and for your consideration. Paypal only. Shipping is estimated at $5 for a single razor item ( if lower you will pay the lower cost )and on multiples I will combine shipping and provide you with a shipping quote of actual costs. Larger heavier items will need to be quoted but it will be actual shipping costs.

Please pm for photos. My photos are too large and tapatalk wont let me upload. As you can see alot of items for sale. I’ll answer any and all questions and thank you for looking.

P.S. if you feel that im off on pricing please let me know. I havent been keeping up with the prices in about a year.


1. Loose Gem feather lite razors. $10 each
I have 4 loose (3 gold 1 chrome) i will provide 1 new blade with each. Chrome one looks great, the gold ones have varnish coming off but gold is still intact

2. Loose gem gold push button. $15
This one although not cased presents as used but does gave to original paper insert. Same as above, ill include a free blade

3. Cased gem featherlite w/ dispenser $20
Used but looks good. The dispenser was empty so i put a few new blades in it. Prior to inserting blades i soaked the dispenser in hot soapy water then dried it then rinse with alcohol.

4. Micromatic - $10
User grade but great razor. Ill include a new blade

5. 1968 Knack N1 - $25 - SOLD
original instructions, 9 blades out of ten still in the blade dispenser. It is period correct with N1 on blades. Not thoroughly cleaned yet but its looks great. The case has one side tab broken.

6. Gillette trac 2 demonstrator - $5

7. Simplex vending machine travel razor -$10
Complete but i did use it once. If im not mistaken, i may have upgraded the handle. but dont hold me to it as i dont recall

8. Gillette the new mismatched set $20
So kind of a 2fer here. I had this crappy case that i cleaned up a little and kinda, sorta but not really restored. The handle was made by a fellow member and i apologize for forgetting his name. The head is a short comb and include is a tech base plate that can be used with the cap. Nice little set.

9. Gillette Black/gold tech set - $30
Nice set although the blades are not period correct, i just like how it looks with this set. Gold looks great, handle looks good but black is fading a little.

10. Gillette the new- $25
Set looks complete and handle has tiny crack but looks good. Handle repaired at some point as it is upside down.

11. Old type - $25
Ok little set. User grade with gold mostly gone but still present. Case is nice inside and outside ok too. Doesnt quite shut all the way

12. Apollo razor - $50
User grade set, plate loss but functions as it should. Case is intact but flap deformed. Im sure there is a way to get the leather back in

13. English Gillette No 58 -$75
Great looking razor.

14. West coast shaving open comb and yaqi dlc dual comb both $10 each
Nice oc heads.

15. Above the tie set $150
Has h1 and r1 heads. I dont recall the name of the handle.

16. Valet autostrop -$10
Nice little original set but the case paint was gone and the inside liner was ragged and torn. I sort of, kinda but not really restored it. Lol looks ok. Razor looks good.


1. 4 cases - $25
Lol i know, i know.... for the seasoned guys you look at this and are like “ WTF? 0.o “ but this is for the newbies. The ones who have naked razors on the counter and are looking for their homes.. well these are not quite their forever homes these are more like “ temporary housing” lol

A.1930s red / black set.
B. 1946/1947 aristocrat
C. 1948-1950 aristocrat
D. 1962-1963 slim

2. Razorock travel bag - $5

3. Maggards M5 stainless handle $10

4. Brush stands ( one free with multiple orders )
One plastic and one wooden handmade.

1. Vintage NOS English Leather 16oz . $75
NOS and its heavy. Lol

2. Vintage NOS English Leather 4oz set $35
Unforunately its missing the lid, but empty boxes are online. Deodorant has shrunk but retains scent.

3. English leather shaving mug and boar brush - $30
The mug has a few chips on the inside

4. Vintage Yardley cologne -$10

5. Unobtanium Pinaud Fleur de France $80
Bottle has discoloration but weighs in at 8.55oz

6. Unobtanium Caswell - Massey Michelson Bay rum . 3oz tester nearly full $55

Brush lot w/ 3 new badger knots- $100
Some have original knots that can be used as is, some need to be restored. I reknotted the white fuller.
7 ever ready
1 opal
1 fuller
1 klenzo
1 erskine
1 hardrite?
1 certifyd
1 barbershop
1 taiwan made
1 wooden

[Image: f4a2a7bb347fc3583c61c4ee6fb6833b.jpg]
[Image: e0eab8dca3981f08c891150f5dce617a.jpg]
[Image: e336454c8a842fd331450ed5b6a8b56d.jpg]
[Image: 82d592d239da89e8b736b98765022dca.jpg]
[Image: 6fb9a72bfcd28e69271bbd40f69c7817.jpg]
[Image: fe7294e9d6e25ec9cc1767d3ec9d809a.jpg]
[Image: ab2d9805582a1af8db3cdea47c8ee5dd.jpg]
[Image: 77b7c9407b5e2b51c225593a257fc801.jpg]
[Image: 7e9409d048e9a24a17fd8313d85471cc.jpg]
[Image: e9cf0d060ba603891700d4a9eb3e351e.jpg]
[Image: b52b1b5b626d4c0b9c69dd82f60cd86f.jpg]
[Image: da1e492cd60600fc1cac1db9d2ec7284.jpg]
[Image: a674dd8e3c7e069a6c7a38d348e63b78.jpg]
[Image: d04766ff7c63c70f311df6d48d58614d.jpg]
[Image: c8055ee8d5f2a40d7f3823fd923e8e70.jpg]
[Image: 87ea51426820321232e3f35890252be0.jpg]
[Image: 272159e28e964b85802639981612be73.jpg]
[Image: 4e1e0babc4cbe91461afbf5704d065b6.jpg]
[Image: 0d5569d0a8ccb3aa43d231984aeaa009.jpg]
[Image: 01bd63590786635f21e57ca3098058b6.jpg]
[Image: 5f2eba2a5d813748760a956fae7daf1d.jpg]

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Pricing isnt set in stone, im open to offers.

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 02-12-2021, 12:33 PM
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gold and black handle tech in box. 
no 9.
Would you ship to Greenland?

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 02-12-2021, 12:51 PM
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(02-12-2021, 12:33 PM)Sig Solo Wrote: gold and black handle tech in box. 
no 9.
Would you ship to Greenland?

I dont mind at all. I dont know how much extra the shipping will be but pm me your address and i can find out for you.

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 02-14-2021, 09:07 PM
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Alot of stuff Still available

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 02-27-2021, 05:24 PM
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Still available
Make offers!

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 03-13-2021, 07:10 PM
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I guess no one wants my stuff lol. Please close

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