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I love aluminum razors.
The Timeless ALSB45 is no exception.
With its 48g for 100mm, 6061-T6 alloy is nice.

Long and consistent handle, but light and balanced.
The section is a bit wider than average, as in the classic house design.
Thanks to the efficient material, it is very handy.

The geometry of the head is quite square.
Unlike other models, it is not too bulky.
Even if it's not exactly a twig.
But still comfortable in use.

The gap is moderate, at 0.45mm.
But without a marked arch, therefore a good efficacy.
This, however, needs a small adjustment of the angle of use.
In fact, it's quite a technical razor, and it requires a learning curve.
So less intuitive than others, but still easy ... once you get it.

The performance is absolutely excellent.
Today with both razors the same perfect result.
Then it must be said that it has a manufacture worthy of its well-deserved fame.
Perfect matches, fine details, bewitching features.
All at a consistent price, given the brand.

But my champion PP1489 costs a fraction ...

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