02-21-2021, 08:52 AM
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Clearing some items out of my den, they are all either new never used or barely used like new. I live in a smoke free house and take impeccable care of my shaving items (yes my wife thinks i am nuts) 
 ** I will make every effort to ship your item next day after you send payment, i have a very hectic work schedule but do promise any items paid for will be shipped no later than Friday Feb 26th


1 ) RazoRock Lupo Aluminum Silver - in like brand new condition. New cost $36.94 shipped
$25.00 SOLD

2.) RazoRock Lupo Aluminum Black- in like brand new condition. New cost $36.94 shipped
$25.00 SOLD

3.) Edwin Jagger DE89LBL - This razor is like brand new, has the lined handle for better grip. New this razor is $45 shipped
$25.00 SOLD

4 ) Edwin Jagger DE86811GBL - Beautiful razor that is like brand new, ebony handle with gold plating. This razor has zero blemishes, if it looks like there is any marks in pictures it is only reflections i promise. These are hard to find and run $69.99-$79.99 new + shipping
$38.00 SOLD

5.) Maggard Razors synthetic brushes .. both are like new and 24mm synthetic, really great brushes. They sell new for $11.95 + $5.99 ship
$22 for both brushes

6.) RazoRock 28mm Beehive brush in like new condition. New was $31.94 shipped

7.) Stirling Soap Company - Executive Man soap and aftershave splash. The soap was used 1x and aftershave is brand new. Cost $33.85 shipped
$25.00 for both

8.) Stirling Soap Company Satsuma soap, used 1x and was $20.40 shipped. Wonderful smelling orange notes.

9.) SOLD SOLD Fine Italian Citrus soap and aftershave. Soap lathered 1x and aftershave brand new. Cost $42.80 shipped$28.00 for both

10.) RazoRock aftershave 100ml bottles, both are brand new XXX and Son Of Zeus. These aftershaves smell wonderful. Cost new was $32.93 shipped.
$24.00 for both 

11.) Brush/Soap lot - beautiful small synthetic brush that i can't recall where i purchased, i do remember it costing $40. Includes a tub of 3P almond soap only used 1x like new.
$22.00 for both

[Image: 7G5XIbK.jpg][Image: oZnzaCV.jpg][Image: IGxMejX.jpg][Image: 8cc8Ufx.jpg]
[Image: KZeSZYc.jpg]
[Image: uDuoiC0.jpg][Image: NNcY0xr.jpg][Image: hrYtWBV.jpg][Image: yN19GYJ.jpg][Image: GHUckSd.jpg][Image: wsnp2Pw.jpg][Image: qTg8zQE.jpg][Image: J9mWDmF.jpg][Image: VL3g0Do.jpg][Image: PoUXeGD.jpg][Image: G7c3Mf0.jpg][Image: LPDWsQi.jpg][Image: PaBMU8N.jpg]
[Image: iyociWz.jpg][Image: BGtKQlC.jpg][Image: TjA1ZbG.jpg][Image: Drkv0XJ.jpg]

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 02-21-2021, 10:45 AM
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 02-21-2021, 05:01 PM
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The Lupo’s are both aluminum?

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 02-21-2021, 07:12 PM
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(02-21-2021, 05:01 PM)PATRIOT Wrote: The Lupo’s are both aluminum?

Yes, i added "aluminum" in description, thanks for the reminder .... be a heck of a deal for $25 if they was the stainless steel ones LOL

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 02-26-2021, 09:43 PM
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Hello Am Interested In The Razorock After Shaves XXX & Son Of Zeus. Thank You.

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 02-27-2021, 04:10 AM
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(02-26-2021, 09:43 PM)Jesusshaves79 Wrote: Hello Am Interested In The Razorock After Shaves XXX & Son Of Zeus. Thank You.

Sending you a message in your inbox 


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 02-27-2021, 05:49 AM
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@jesusshaves79  check your inbox  Thumbsup

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