02-22-2021, 03:38 PM
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I received the Timeless TRH8 Titanium Handle a couple of days ago and have had one shave with it. I teamed it with my WRH2 1.45SB and my initial impressions are these: Since handles are very much an INDIVIDUAL thing, IF you prefer a handle that is uniform in diameter (same) like a UFO TiTan or so many other handles (Pretty much MY preference, although I do like some with a slightly varying taper in the diameter), you might not like this handle.

It LOOKS very cool, but the diameter varies quite a lot, going from 13.6mm at the top of the knurling to 10.82mm in the middle. Also, the cutout above the base (designed for your pinkie) has NO knurling and does not offer much grip. At 90.1mm length and 43 grams and great looks, one could eventually learn to like, even love it, BUT it is not a "love at first use" item for ME. The very reasonable $60/shipped price makes the Handle a very attractive offering.
It also fits perfectly in the Timeless Titanium 14mm stand and is an additional $50 item. Both Stand and handle are available in a Polished or Matte finish.

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 02-22-2021, 03:43 PM
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Helpful post, Jay.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on this new offering from Timeless.

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