02-28-2021, 02:16 PM
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Letting go of some gear today. All brushes are in great shape and have been used minimally to say the least. Conus only!

1) All brushes $51ea+5 shipping ($3 additional if purchasing more than one).
***shipping is included in the price of all items and lots below***

2) SOLD-MDC Vetiver used 3x Coconut Creeper new, Shaving Shop Emerald Moss new but opened. $79 shipped
3) DG Darkfall Complete Set used 3x. $79 shipped
4) Fine Accoutrements Finest Razor. $69 shipped
5) IB BBS used twice. $53 shipped
6) ATT stainless steel inkwell stand. $49 shipped
7) Timeless base stand and barber handle package (14x85). $79 shipped

[Image: MKnRHsD.jpg][Image: VR4r4mo.jpg][Image: GLTNojd.jpg][Image: P6atJY1.jpg][Image: mjZHFza.jpg]

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